Pretty Much Terrible All The Time
Back when I used to be important…

Once upon a time, I used to be a manager of a grocery. Except not the whole grocery, because a certain giant blue retailer doesn’t work like that.

I ran the dairy, and at any one time I would be in charge of 4-12 associates, except in this one crisis situation where I directed about 90 folks to limit the loss of cold chain food, but that’s a different story.

One day, on a cold November like now, on a lazy sunday like it is, a regular couple came into the store, and came back to the dairy, where we would normally share a few words - the elderly couple didn’t get out much, so sunday was their shopping day. He pushed the shopping cart, she rolled about in one of the electric scooters at the front of the store.

Well this one November day, she saw the Southern Comfort Egg Nog, which is non-alcoholic, on the shelves of my dairy, a display I’d spent four hours building a couple days before, and as she saw it her eyes went wide, and she smacked her husband and said “Grab four of those.”

Four is a lot of egg nog. So I asked, “Oh, gonna freeze some of that for the winter?”

"FREEZE? NUH UH. This asshole won’t let me have the actual Southern Comfort!" she said, gesturing to her husband.

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